Q. Can I have my order shipped 2nd Day or Next Day Air?

A. Yes, along with free ground shipping, we offer 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air to the lower 48 states. (Addtional Charges will apply)

Q. Why can't I find the exact size I need?

A. All the items listed for sale on our website are what we currently have physically on hand in our warehouse, While we try to stock evey size, we may currently be out of stock on the specific item you are looking for. We don't have backorders or source material not shown on our website for sale.

Q. Can I get a longer length or larger size?

A. In most cases if we show the item you are looking for, but you need a longer length or larger size we usually have it in stock.
We can ship up to 8 foot lengths and sheets as large as 48 inches x 48 inches, there are some additonal shipping cost due to size, therefore they would not quanlify for free shipping. Contact Us to get a quote for your specific size.

Q. What do all these numbers and symbols mean?

A. All our sizes are described in inches (decimals and fractions)
When listing sizes for products on our website, we try to list boh the decimal and fraction if possible to make finding the size you need quick and easy. Such as 0.375" (3/8 inch).

Sometimes due to the sizes produced listing the fraction is not possible, so we list the size by decimal only. Such as 1.410 inch.
All sizes are listed to the 3rd decimal point to keep a clean, easy to read website.

The quoation which is found on most every product references size by inches ..... (") = inches