Bronze Hollow Bar

  • C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Hollow Bar

    C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is intended for applications requiring combinations of corrosion resistance, excellent bearing properties at considerable loads, and extremely high strength both at room and elevated temperatures.Outside Diameter is...

  • C932 (SAE 660) Bearing Bronze Hollow Bar

    C93200 (SAE 660) Leaded Tin Bronze / Bearing Bronze has excellent machining properties, good hardness, strength and wear resistance with excellent anti-friction qualities. The alloy is not subject to dezincification and has reasonable corrosion...

  • C954 Aluminum Bronze Hollow Bar

    C954 Aluminum Bronze combines strength and corrosion resistance due to its high aluminum and iron content. It is commonly used to make bearings, valves, pumps, various gears. It has moderate weldability, solderability and it can be brazed. Higher...