Copper Round Rod

  • C110 Copper Round Rod

    C110 Copper Rod (ASTM-B187) is 99.9 percent commercially pure Copper and can be bent, riveted, drilled, soldered, brazed and welded to most any design requirement.

  • C172 Beryllium Copper Round Rod

    C172 alloy has excellent bearing properties with extremely high compressive strengths. C17200 also has significant non corrosive properties when exposed to harsh conditions. This alloy also has great galling resistance. C17200 has a relative magnetic...

  • C715 Copper Nickel Round Rod

    Copper Nickel C71500, also known as 70/30 Copper Nickel, offers excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine saltwater environments. The main wrought Copper Nickel alloys chosen for seawater service contain 10% or 30% Nickel. They also have...