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  • C260 Brass Sheet Stauary Bronze Finish
    C260 Brass Sheet .016" x 12" x 12" (Statuary Bronze) $17.44
    This C260 alloy brass sheet has a "Statuary Bronze" finish on the front side, with a peel of protective coating. The Statuary Bronze finish is acheived by using chemicals to treat the brass sheet to give the sheet the look...
  • C260 Brass Shim / Sheet .003" x 6" x 120"
    C260 Brass Shim / Sheet .003" x 6" x 120" $16.77
    Brass Shim is made from a half hard, cold rolled, 260 alloy brass. Used in applications where corrosion problems exist; low magnetic permeability. Excellent forming qualities and may be lightly drawn, blanked or stamped...